So you’re transitioning now. You’ve looked up all types of steps to take and regimens to follow (here’s a quick peek at a simple 5 step regimen for transitioners) but you don’t know where to start. The PRODUCTS you use in your regimen during transition will help your process, while helping you understand what does and does not work for your hair! When you’re walking down the aisle of that beauty supply store do you just have the urge to buy everything labeled “natural”. Don’t be fooled by dears this will lead you down a straight and narrow path of becoming a full fledged product junkie which will undoubtedly leave you broke!!!

During your transition you should definitely experiment to see what works and what doesn’t but its important that you give each product its time to shine… or not shine. Jumping from one product to another wont necessarily allow you to gauge what is providing your hair with the most amount of success.  That is why subscription boxes such as CurlBox and CurlKit may be your best bet during your transition. They provide sample size products for you to get some more bang out of your buck.

However if you’ve got commitment issues like me… and can’t get on the subscription train, and you’re still all confused in the beauty supply store here’s a break down of the staple products you are going to want to have in queue to make your transition and regimen as simple as possible.

1. Cleanser: First things first invest in a cleanser. In simplest terms that means get you a good shampoo (preferably sulfate and paraben free.) If you’ve decided to be a no-poo kind of chick you’re still going to need to invest in a good co-washer, some ACV or bentonite clay.

2. *Conditioner– It’s possible you may need two-three of these…and I’ll explain why. Conditioning is a major step in a natural’s life. If you choose to go the shampoo route you’re going to need a rinse out conditioner. I always suggest you save you’re money and go the cheap route on a rinse out conditioner. There are some great conditioners out there that wont break the bank (i.e.: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree tingle, Aussie Moist, Spa Nourish, & my current favorite Tressemme Naturals) These can also double up as a co-washer.  The second type of conditioner you’re going to want to invest in is a Deep Conditioner. Before I started going the DIY route I was purchasing my deep conditioners, now I tend to mix up my own concoctions. The third and final conditioner you’re going to need is a leave in conditioner. It is your decision whether you choose to have a cream based leave in or a liquid leave in (usually in spray form).

3. Essential Oils: These aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination and are hardly found on sale. However my two favorite essential oils are so useful in every day life I don’t mind spending the extra money. Olive Oil & Coconut oil are my go to oils for many aspects in life beyond just my hair. You can use either oil for a prepoo, deep condition, or to seal your ends during your moisturizing sessions. Other oils such as Jojoba, Tea Tree, and Castor Oil can be a naturals best friend but can sometimes be difficult to find. I suggest starting out with coconut oil and adding to your collection as your natural hair journey progresses.

4. Styler/Styling Product: Here’s where it usually gets tricky but I have a big secret to reveal to you. Every product marked “moisture” or “curl defining” isn’t going to give you the look you want. You have to READ the labels and make sure the ingredients are good for your hair. Your styling tools and methods will handle the rest. You want to make sure your styling product (whether it be a butter, cream, soufflé…etc) is moisturizing which means it should have water listed as the first or second ingredient. You also want to try and avoid parabens, cones, mineral oil, petroleum and ingredients of that nature. I tend to go with smaller brands for my stylers because they tend to stick to  the more natural ingredients that I am looking for. If you are looking for companies that use mostly organic/ natural products here’s a list! (PS: they’re are all run by women too!)

Your styling products are up to you and the style you  are going for! If you are transitioning you are probably going to be most concerned with blending the two different textures on your head. I suggest investing in a styling tool that you can install and remove with ease (i.e.: perm rods, flexi rods, curl formers…etc) With a little practice the install process can take you anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on hair length and how big/small you are making the set. Other than your hands are your biggest styler as they will help you with twist outs/braid outs/ bantu knot outs…etc.

5. The small stuff: Invest in loads of hair pins! They never seem to tell you that as a natural your hair will take in hair pins and they will vanish! You also may want to consider investing in a good gel if you want to have those baby hairs laid, or want to try your hand out in a wash and go! The natural holy grail of gels has always been the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel but it can’t hurt to give others a try as well. I’m having loads of fun and luck with Aloe Vera Gel from GNC.

This all may sound like alot but once you’ve got the staple 5 parts to your regimen there’s no looking back. So what have we got for one lucky winner a full size self proclaimed transiting kit. Equipped with a cleanser (for co washing), deep conditioner,  leave in conditioner, styling product (hair soufflé) and two packs of the Curl Former dupes that Naptural85 reviewed on her channel not too long ago. These curl formers work just as well as the real thing and are way cheaper than the name brand. For a chance to win this transitioning kit enter below:

Transitioning Kit

Contest runs until October 20th! Winner will be announced initially by newsletter/email subscription prior to being revealed via social media! Good luck!


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4 Responses to Transitioning 101: Staple Products You’ll Need To Transition

  1. Hi, I was successful with everything else whilst entering this contest but when it came to sharing it through email, it wouldn’t work and I’m not getting my entry for it. I was able to share it on twitter, tumblr, facebook, and g+, but the email is the only thing holding my last entry back from going through. I would like to know is there anything else I could do but if not, it’s fine.
    Thanks for having this great contest, and good luck to all!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this, I felt so identified with you when you mentioned the styling part or styler products, oh my! that´s very tricky part, your advice was very helpful, because right now I am struggling if I will perm again my hair or not.