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Traveling with natural hair used to give me loads of anxiety until I started realizing that I didn’t need to bring my entire product stash with me! You need the basics for your travel time, especially with the restrictions that take place for our carry on luggage when it comes to size of liquids and gels.  Here are 8 easy must haves to remember when traveling with natural hair.

traveling with natural hair

8 Must Haves When Traveling With Natural Hair

1. Headscarf/Headtie/ Satin Pillowcase: You are going to eventually be sleeping on your vacation/ while you’re traveling! Remember to pack your headscarf, head tie, bonnet, or satin pillowcase to prevent any breakage while you are snoozing. Last thing you want is to damage your hair while on a stress free vacation.

2. Hair Styler: At some point you are going to want to style your hair, therefore you are going to need some sort of styler. You can take any styler of your choice. My go to styler for the past month has been my TGIN Twist & Define Cream along side the Daily moisturizer (which doesn’t even need to be applied everyday!) TGIN is now available in your local Targets but can still be found online through their website or on Amazon. They also have a sample size kit to make traveling easier for the carry on restrictions.

3. Widetooth Comb: I don’t use combs very much (I mostly use my hands) but if you want to make parts, or detangle your best bet is bringing along your trusty wide tooth comb to handle tangles of all shapes and sizes.

4. Hair Pins: A girls best friend! Make sure to bring plenty of hair pins (because we all know how quickly they can go missing) I bring a small sandwich bag of hair pins with me on all of my travels and it is enough to cover any style big or small.

5. Leave In Conditioner: Depending on the length of your travels you are going to want to refresh your hair with a bit of moisturizing conditioner. I bring a small container of leave in that I fill up with whatever leave in conditioner I’m almost out of! This way I finish the entire product, meet the liquid restriction, and have a product with me that I know I love/works. I currently travel with my Hydratherma Protein Balancing Leave In Conditioner because I can’t get the moisture/protein balance right on a regular day so while I’m away this takes the guessing game out of it.

6. Oil Blend: Depending on if you are a DIY naturalista or not you can either bring your favorite oil blend with you in a spray bottle (see #8) or you can bring your favorite oil along with you. Right now my go two staple oils of choice are TGIN’s Argan Oil Hair & Body Serum or my love addiction with Mielle Organics Sweet Almond oil. Both I have in full size and travel/sample size (it’s the product junkie in me!). You can get your hands on the Mielle Organics oil at a discount by using code TRESSES at checkout.

7. Headbands/Hairband: If you don’t have time to style your hair having ouch less headbands/hairbands and scrunchies will make it super easy to throw your hair into a bun, puff, or ponytail so you can keep on the move without having to fret over your hair style not turning out the way you want or an unplanned event.

8. Spray Bottle: This is a given! A naturalista can’t do too much without her trusty spray bottle. This bottle can be a great mix of your leave in and oil to spritz your hair to battle any dryness and replenish moisture. You can travel with it empty and fill it up when you’ve reached your destination to avoid spills or leaking.

What is your go to hair packing method? What do you bring with you or leave behind? Share your thoughts/answers below!

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