Ahh nothing is worse than hair damage that you can not identify the source/cause. Thankfully I’ve compiled a short yet sweet list of 5 ways you’re causing unintentional damage to your natural hair without even realizing it.

5 Causes Of Unintentional Natural Hair Damage

1. Scarves, Caps, Hats, Sweaters: This one is pretty self explanatory. The same reason we sleep with satin pillow cases and satin scarves is the same reason that these other materials that come in close quarters to our hair can cause damage. Now that it is warm outside we have less worrying to do but scarves, caps, hats, and sweaters are most often made of material that causes the hair to snag,snap, break off or worst of all sucks out all of the moisture. You want to be really careful when your hair is near these materials.

2. Nails: I’ve experienced this first hand many times. If you have long nails, unkempt nails, hang nails or chipped nail polish this can cause you to unintentionally pull out strands of hair while you are “playing” with your hair or even doing normal hair care/maintenance rituals.  There have been several occasions that my nail polish has caught onto my hair while scrubbing or twisting and have snagged a few strands loose. Make sure your nails are cut neat and hang nails are taken care of to prevent an unintentional damage or pulling.

3. Jewelry: Similarly jewelry, whether it be earrings, rings, or brackets can catch on to your hair and cause knots, tangles and of course damage. I often times forget to remove my rings when wash day comes around. I remember immediately once I get a friendly reminder with that tug and my hand gets caught up because of the ring. Be aware of how your hair interacts with your jewelry, especially earrings that can get wrapped around your hair without you even noticing throughout the day.

4. Furniture: This one can be tricky to remember but it goes back to the first unintentional cause of damage I mentioned a bit earlier. When we absentmindedly lean on chairs, or headrests we don’t realize that we are leaning on materials that are sucking the moisture right out of hair. A few hours pass and we’re wondering why our hair is so dry, well that is because you were leaning on your couch watching TV, without realizing that you’re damaging your hair. Try hanging around the house with your satin scarf on to prevent this type of unintentional damage from happening.

5. Sunglasses: Strange I know… but sunglasses can snag your hair as well as get caught/tangled. Even worse the material that your sunglasses care made of can also have adverse affects on your hair if they are continuously rubbing/ in contact with one another. Though I’m not saying you should ban sunglasses from your wardrobe, you can be mindful of the hairstyles you do when wearing sunglasses frequently.

There are of course other factors that could be leading to hair damage that you may not be aware of but these five were the ones that struck me the most in my most absent minded moments. What factors have played in your hair damage issues lately? Share them with us below!

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