Growing natural hair isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when setting up your natural hair care regimen. That is half the battle. The other half? Retaining length! Our goal at Trials N’ Tresses for 2016 is to retain maximum length and provide you with easy ways to retain maximum length as well. That is why we are gearing up to go full blown dedicated in our 2016 hair goals. Our “Retain Your Mane” hair challenge begins January 1st and it is going to be epic. Your next step… read up on the other 5 ways to retain maximum length below so you can adjust your hair care regimen and grow your best hair ever in 2016!

5 Easy Ways To Retain Maximum Length

Low manipulation: Low manipulation hair styles are hair styles that you can set for a few days without having to frequently re-do or re-manipulate your hair. Low manipulation does not mean No manipulation and don’t confuse the two.  The more styling and touching you do the more susceptible your hair is to damage and breakage. A few examples of low manipulation styles are bantu knots, twist outs, flexi rod sets, and my favorite go to: Roll Tuck Pin. You can find a quick easy 2 step tutorial for this style here! 

Moisture: You have to moisturize your hair. The best method to do that is the LOC method. This method allows you to properly lay ingredients (liquid, oil and cream) onto the hair and seal the moisture in for a time. It can be a bit difficult to do so (especially when you are learning the porosity of your hair). I was facing protein overload and had to transform my hair from dry to moisturized over a course of three months.

Time: Give yourself some time. Your hair is not going to grow over night and the sooner you accept that fun fact the easier it will be to handle your hair growth and length retention on a daily basis. It is the small steps you take in your daily hair care regimen that will show you the benefits in the end. You can not compare your story to someone else just like you cant compare your growth to someone else. Wait and your hair will grow.

Protective Style: There will come a time when you have to put your hair away, but you will have to do it the right way. Protective styling is not a reason to set and forget your hair. Proper hair care routine is still necessary when protective styling properly. You should keep your protective style in for no more than 8 weeks (4-8 is maximum time recommended). Moisturize while the protective style is installed, and still take the time to cleanse regularly.

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Trim when needed: This is my last piece of evidence that I started taking myself this year. You have to trim your hair to see growth. Why? Because if you hold on to damaged ends you are setting your length retention rate back a large step. I went a long long time without trimming or properly trimming my hair and I ended up having to big chop for the second time. If you notice your hair styles aren’t turning out the way they should, or  an increase in shedding/breakage you may need a trim (a professional one may be your best bet). Don’t be afraid to cut your hair it will certainly grow back!

Join in on our Retain Your Mane Challenge starting January 1st for tons of giveaways, fun social media meet ups and tips tricks to track and grow our hair to its fully healthy potential.

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2 Responses to 5 Easy Ways To Retain Maximum Length

  1. I love your blog,came accross it in the course of looking for products that will suit my low porosity hair. i have been able to find a leave- in that works for me,i.e beautiful curls ……by Alafia. got it from vitamin cottage, surprisingly it doesnt contain water in the list of ingredients and sealing with coconut oil is just what keeps my hair moisturised for at least 24 hours. all those oils listed for low porosity hair didnt work for mine, but i also realised that prepooing with coconut oil hardens my hair but sealing with it doesnt. I’m yet to find a hair milk that i can add to my regimen to make a complete LOC method so as to be able to retain moisture longer, please can u recommend one? I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting into educating people. thanks.

    • Hi love! You should give Mielle Organics Hair Milk as the C in your LOC method it is very moisturizing or you can use TGIN’s Daily Butter Moisturizer as your C. I love them both and they were both very effective. If you decide to use Mielle Organis you can use our code TRESSES for a discount. Best of luck and thanks for stopping by we appreciate you!