As we learned in a previous weave horror story  leaving in your weave or any other type of protective style in too long can be detrimental to the health of your natural hair. Why women consistently still make this same mistake, I don’t know why but we recently learned of a new weaving horror story that really was a major call for concern.

Recently it came to light (from a salon based in Brooklyn known as Elite Strands) that a woman kept her weave in for two years. Correct… one woman kept in one weave for two years. I was very confused when I initially read this and decided to head over to Elite Strand’s Instagram to gather more information. Elite Strands had the following to say about the situation in which they posted photos and videos of the before and after that occurred when handling this protective styling mishap:

Photo Jul 01, 12 17 18 AM

woman leaves weave in for two years


Instead of having the tracks removed so that new tracks could be sewn in, she instead had new wefts glued onto the exposed tracks/hair. Elite Strands continued to post updates/ videos and information as the process continued. The 7 hour process resulted in a big chop after all was said and done, and the reinstallation of a brand new weave. Elite Strands went on to continue explaining that the reason a reinstall was done was because the woman wasn’t comfortable yet with how she appeared post big chop.


I am really concerned with why this woman decided to leave her weave in for two years and why she was so uncomfortable that she decided to put another weave back in. It is a major call for concern, and I hope that she does not let this happen again. However it is important when discussing this topic that we focus on the health issues that can occur when improperly protective styling instead of passing judgement on this woman who clearly has some issues that she is battling/coping with.

Photo Jul 01, 12 17 49 AM

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