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I’ve been babbling non stop about subscription boxes for a little over a year now for several reasons. One I’m extremely frugal… almost to the point of maybe, quite possibly being cheap. Therefore I don’t like trying things in full size quantities at full size prices, without even knowing if I’m going to like it or if it is going to work. That is the beauty in subscription boxes, they allow you to try things whether full size or deluxe sample size (depending on the box) without having to break your budget. Now.. flash forward to 2016 and subscription boxes have taken over in every facet imaginable. There are fitness boxes, wellness boxes, beauty boxes, boxes for your pets and more. There is a subscription box out there for everyone’s interests (seriously … you just have to Google it and I’m sure it exists).

With all of these boxes popping up it can be difficult to differentiate between the good ones and the ones that are a complete waste of time. That is where I come in. As a subscription box connoisseur of sorts I’m here to lay out the good, the bad, and the ugly of subscription boxes. But most importantly I share the 15 subscription boxes you should try at some point in life (if you so choose) that will totally be worth the coins spent.

15 Subscription Boxes You Should Try


1. Curlbox  :  My first interaction with subscription boxes three years ago during my transition to natural hair was Curlbox. It was their first year in business and they were growing as I was changing so it was a perfect match. For just 20.00 bucks a month you get 4-6 sample/deluxe sample and full size products. Each month is a different theme, and sometimes the themes yield all full size products. It is a bit tricky to get in on the list as it opens monthly with a small window before it is sold out. But once you are in you’re guaranteed a box every month until you choose to cancel. I recommend this box for anyone who is trying to learn more about their hair needs.



2.LoveGoodly : I just got wind of LoveGoodly last month as I started my transition into a Vegan lifestyle. They are a lifestyle/beauty box that offers cruelty free beauty and lifestyle products that are completely cruelty and toxic free. Most of the time the products are vegan (all the products in my recent box were Vegan), so it is a great option to try out if you are trying to transition your lifestyle. It is a bi monthly box which is the only inconvenience. So you get your dosage in a less frequent manner, but it is worth the cost. It is a bit pricer than I am usually comfortable paying (40.00 every other month), but the box meets that fee and more. They currently are preparing their April box for release which is rumored to have over 110.00 dollars worth of product in it. You can also use code: LOVETRESSES to get a discount on your subscription.


3. Fitsnack: I’ve been enjoying Fitsnack boxes for almost a year now and it is the one box that I’ve really enjoyed getting for such a long period of time (I usually cancel after 6 months of deliveries). During my quest to be healthier I find that Fitsnack helped me curve my snacking habit, by proving healthier options. For only 15.00 bucks you get tons of bang for your buck. You can also get a free gym back when you register through our specific link! 


4. Bulu Box: I was able to sample a Bulu Box last year , and it was filled to capacity with vitamins, weight loss supplements…etc. It is a box focused in health and nutrition and provide samples/ full size products monthly for 10.00 a month. The only downside to this box is that sometimes the samples they provide are really not enough to gauge whether or not the product has been effective or not.


5. Cocotique: Cocotique is a beauty box made specifically for women of color. With so many options out there for fairer skin, and straighter hair it can be difficult finding products that are catered to you. Cocotique takes the guess work out of that subscription box game by sending 8-10 products a month for 20.00 dollars. They usually offer a good size of full size and deluxe sample size products as well. I recently received a Cocotique box with the entire Edens Nature hair care line from Creme Of Nature (review coming soon) and I was pleasantly pleased. Again this is a box that is great when you are trying to figure out the right skin care and beauty care regime for your self.


6. Kolour ConsciousKolour Conscious is one of my favorite subscription boxes for quite a few reasons. The most important reason: they feature products from black owned business! I love supporting black owned businesses and I love supporting businesses that support black owned businesses so its a WIN WIN! This box comes with 4-6 deluxe sample/ full size products for beauty, skin, hair and more. You can also get 25% off your purchase (another win) by using code: TANDT25 at checkout.


7. Dollar Shave Club: Okay okay… we had to do a little something for the men. Dollar Shave Club provides monthly razors for men (and women too). Your first box also comes with some sort of shaving cream, facial moisturizer from their exclusive skin care brand/line. I don’t particularly LOVE this box because it sends out the same thing every month (I like my boxes spiced with variety) but the men in my life all seem to love it when I gift it to them so its definitely worth a shot. It cost me 40.00 bucks for a three month’s subscription and I ordered quite a few around the holiday season.


8.   Hello Fresh Box: I tried HelloFresh back in the summer time when my parents abandoned my brothers and I and went on vacation (okay we’re all able bodied full blown adults who shouldn’t live at home anyway… so they didn’t abandon us for real). It was perfect timing when this box arrived because I had no idea if we were going to starve to death, or live off of Chinese food and cereal for the next week. Hello Fresh comes with 3 recipes and 3 sets of ingredients to create that meal. The meals feed from 2-6 depending on the size of the box you order and they also have a Vegetarian box too. This box is a bit pricy and I don’t think it is something you should order consistently (it will definitely add up) but is great when you need some inspiration for cooking or just can’t make it food shopping that week.


9. Target Beauty Box: Target recently jumped on the subscription box bandwagon and released their first beauty box.  Since then it has taken off and includes all sorts of beauty and skin care needs. The only downside (and this is personally for me) about this box is it consists of things you can find in Target (duh) so you don’t really get to play around with new brands. I like my subscription box to teach me new things so sometimes I don’t want to see brands I’m familiar with.


10. Essence Beauty Box: Essence Beauty Box is another new box on the block that is making a splash. They include mostly beauty products (deluxe sample and full size). Similarly to the Target box it usually includes products that you are familiar with, but I have a feeling Essence is going to switch that up soon and offer some more variety.


11. holBox: the holBox includes 3-6 products that are all holistic, natural and organic for your everyday lifestyle. Each box has a theme (my first one was the yoni Box) and the products are usually from brands I don’t know or a holBox brand itself. You get a variety of haircare, skincare, and lifestyle products.


12. Buddhi Box: I love love love Buddhi Box. They are a box focused in peace, overall wellness and of course Yoga! My yoga practice is very important to me even though sometimes it gets tossed to the side. The Buddhi box helps you keep focused by providing tons of inspiration, motivation and products that align with their overall mission. Even if you are not into yoga they still offer super cute things (I got the cutest bracelet) at an affordable price.


13. Simple Loose Leaf Box: If you told me two years ago that I would be recommending a loose leaf tea subscription box I would have laughed in your face, because two years ago I wasn’t even a fan of tea. Now I drink tea 2- 3 times a daily. And whenever anything is wrong with me I think is there a tea to fix the problem. My infatuation with tea isn’t cheap though, which is why I was so interested in the simple loose leaf tea box. For four bucks a month you get sent 4 different loose leaf teas. This gives me the variety I like and introduces me to new types of tea I never even heard before.


14. To Go Spa BoxToGoSpa offers spa like treatments for your face and body at home without having to pay these huge amounts. For someone who spends loads of time infront of the computer and has lots of skin issues, I appreciate ToGo Spa sending products that help with my problem areas. What I like the most is even though I do get the same thing monthly they offer a “benefit” product that is new every month. My first month I received a coffee scrub from Boss Babe Body that I loved and helped a ton with my back acne issues. I also received a eucalyptus spritz to help the shower transform into a relaxed therapeutic space.


15. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: Last but certainly not least is the most recent box I’ve tried. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box provides beauty products that are completely vegan friendly so I am able to use lotions, soaps and make without feeling like I’m cheating during my Vegan transition. It also provides options and variety from brands I’ve never heard of before.

What is your favorite subscription box and which one are you most interested in trying? Share your thoughts on the subscription boxes below !

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