Lately I’ve been trying to avoid chemical based products because as I get older I realize it’s just not beneficial (even though it is cheaper … sigh) So in searching for natural cosmetics and brands I landed on Beauteque ‘s subscription box.  They are a natural cosmetics skin care company that encourages their consumers to be their best selves. Who can’t get behind a positive message like that right? Let’s dive further into this brand.

OVERVIEW: Beauteque’s mission is to make “East meet West” therefore their product lineup stems internationally making it a very unique subscription box in this incredibly saturated market. Because their products come from all over the world it is very rare that you receive  duplicates and it opens you up to new brands you’ve never heard of/tried before. The box comes with 7-8 full sized products in every bag (the bag is super cute by the way and usually runs with a certain theme) which are focused mostly in makeup, skin care, fashion and lifestyle products.

You also have options with each month’s box that is coming your way (usually when it comes to scent of lotion, lipstick color, or perfume flavor). I like options and at 24 a month (month to month subscription) 7-8 full size products is not a bad deal. The longer the subscription (12 month option= 22 a month) the more bang you get for your buck. The boxes ship on the 15th of each month which is the same day you are billed (which is great for me because it easy to remember/keep track of). You can purchase your Beauteque box here. So let’s get right into what I received in my Beauteque box!

beauteque review


beauteque review This months theme for the April Beauteque subscription box was Mad for Plaid and they sent this super cute makeup travel/tote bag, which I will certainly be using because I was in the market for a new one! So this came right on time. But thats not even the best part, each month comes with a cute themed bag filled with 7-8 full sized products (so you really get 9 things including the bag!)

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack (Retail 19.00)

I was very intrigued to see this in the bag because its this cute little jar with a liquid resembling honey that is used as a moisturizer for your face over night. I’m always in the market for a great moisturizer so I’ll be giving this a try shortly. I’ll report back soon with results. (this is one of the products you have a choice in for flavor/scent.. I chose Blueberry but they also offered Acerola, and Canola)


beauteque review


Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream (Retail 12.00)

I don’t use shaving cream to shave ( I know the nerve of me right… haha) so I probably wont be using this product.


Its Skin Macaron Lip Balm (Retail 9.00)

I’m a sucker for an amazing lip balm so I’ve already taken this out of the package and given it a good test drive for the past few days. I’m heavily addicted to EOS eggs and TGIN Lip Balm so I was already going in with my doubts. Its effective at moisturizing your lips for the time being but it does go on a little thin so you will be needing to apply a few times a day. Also is not rounded (so you have to use your fingers to apply … which I find kind of gross).


Holika Holika S Body Jiggle Patch (Retail 7.00)

This product seems extremely interesting. It is a patch that has carbonated bubbles that is supposed to help firm your jiggly problem areas. Since they only sent one I don’t know if I can vouch for this being effective but I’ll give it a shot and see how it works on my midsection.



Hanaka Magic Garden Series Sheet Masks (Retail: 4.00)

2 Masks in each package to help your skin feel refreshed and nourished. They are used just like any other facial mask. Apply and leave on for 15-20 minutes. I’ll give em a whirl.

Beauteque Review


Hanaka Camellia Powder Wash (Retail 11.00)

Its a cleanser  for your face that helps to fight against aging effects and is an active anti inflammatory. You have to mix powered with water before you can actually use and it cleanse your face. To be honest its too many steps for me while I’m trying to run out in the morning. I like to just squeeze out of a bottle for the most part. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot over a weekend or vacation time period.

beauteque review

Razor- (Retail $8.00)

Your basic every day razor provided with an extra razor once the original goes dull. I’ve been using Venus razors for the past 15 years… sooo it safe to say I will probably be giving this razor away. DSC05886

FINAL THOUGHTS: This bag consisted of ALOT of stuff and for 24.00 dollars a month I think it is TOTALLY worth the expense monetarily. However…  I had a few issues with the box. Like I said initially I am trying to stay away from products with harsh chemicals in them, so for me in particular not being able to read the ingredients on the products and not having them listed on the information card gave me some reservations. About half of the products have their ingredients written in another language that I can not read/understand without the English translation. Besides that the retail value of the razor at 8 dollars was a little far fetched as you can go into a drug store and get a similar looking razor for much much much cheaper. Overall this box had about 62.00 dollars worth of useful beauty products (I completely minused the razor) plus that awesome bag which landed it with 3.5/5 stars!

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*disclaimer: Box was sent for review/promotion and does not affect/alter my honest opinion. No compensation was received*