Next up in our subscription box unboxing series is the Buddhi Box. Buddhi Box is fairly new monthly subscription service that focuses on delivering products and samples to enhance your lifestyle and yoga practice.  I am constantly trying to improve my yoga practice so I was super excited to see this subscription box on the market.

Buddhi Box Behind The Scenes

Definition: Buddhi [boo-dee, boo d-ee] Hinduism, Buddhism

  • Female Entity. Sankrit word for intellect, seen as an intuitive faculty giving increased spiritual awareness.
  • Exhudes a high, bright, fine energy. Path towards enlightenment.

The boxes vary in price depending on your subscription time period. The longer you sign up for the cheaper it becomes. A one month subscription costs 30.00 a month while a year subscription averages about 25.00 a month.  Each box contains 4-6 sample and full size products that help to enhance your lifestyle and yoga practice. Most items are vegetarian or organic.  There is also a smaller sample size box for 11.95 that offers 2-3 samples if you just want to get your feet wet and see if the Buddhi Box is something you would like to invest in for the future. This particular box also comes with free shipping!

What I like the most/ and what makes Buddhi Box different is that each month Buddhi Box donates proceeds from the sales of their boxes to a particular non for profit charity. I can get behind a business like that whole heartedly.

This month they are donating to Shelter To Soldier 

buddhi box review

Every 63 minutes, a US Veteran commits suicide. That is an average of 23 precious lives a day…Every 11 seconds, an animal is euthanized in our nation.
Shelter to Soldier™ rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be psychiatric service companions for wounded combat veterans.

Currently the Buddhi Box only ships in the US and to Canada


What Was In My Buddhi Box?

My Buddhi Box contained 7 individual unique products (more than the 4-6… though we can count the chips as one to make it a total of 7) The contents of my Buddhi Box are as follows:

buddhi box review DSC05543







A welcome card with a positive quote/affirmation comes in each box as well as a particular yoga pose for that month. This months was the wheel barrel pose which I must admit I love/ and I am a big fan of!

The first thing I was drawn too was the Shiva Prayer Scarf (Retail 20.00) that I used as a head scarf/hair tie because it is still a bit frigid in New York. I love how light it is so that my hair can still breath and the color is uniquely beautiful.

buddhi box review Photo Apr 04, 1 31 31 AM


Chuao Spicy Maya and Potato Chip flavored chocolate (the potato chip was delicious.. the spicy maya is an acquired taste)- Retail 1.00 each

buddhi box review

Chakra Love Crystal Tailsman (Retail 22.00) I wasn’t expecting to receive jewelry in my box so this was pleasant surprise. I’m gaining a new affinity for crystals as I’ve increased my medtation and understanding of Chakras. So this came at just the right time for me!

House Of Good JuJu Aura Cleansing Tea Light (Retail 2.50) This little treat was/is so cute and smells very pleasant/light and refreshing. Be careful it is very small and shouldn’t be left unattended.


Soul Sparks Bracelet (Retail 4.00) : This was one of my favorite pieces in the box besides the Shiva Prayer Scarf. I’ve been wearing it every day since I’ve gotten it and it serves as a friendly reminder to always look on the bright/positive side of things as well as to treat people the way you want to be treated. Great message with a great piece of jewelry.

buddhi box review

Last but certainly not least the Kiss My Honey Organic Lip Balm (retail: 4.00) I am a lip balm junkie so this sold the box for me at the very last minute. With the Sparks Bracelet and the Shiva scarf I was so pleasantly surprised and pleased! This bad boy goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling super soft. One set back for me is it is chocolate scented and I hate chocolate scented beauty products. The scent is too much for me. Made with organic natural ingredients, paraben free, and chemical free this is a great lip balm to have in your purse (if you don’t mind the scent) DSC05553

Overall: I rate this box a 4/5. I think the box has great value in that it contained over 50 dollars worth of products for about 30.00 dollars a box. However the products I received didn’t help me so much with my yoga practice in itself, which is what drew me into this subscription box in the first place. Instead this box focused more on the holistic nature of a person’s over all well being. I still highly recommend this box and brand for what they stand for and the quality in their products.  They’ve also recently launched a jewelry box that ships quarterly with 2-3 pieces of unique jewelry from local artisans for about 50.00 every month. I think that is pretty cool! To get your hands on a Buddhi Box or to learn more about the company you can head to their website here.

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