I got my hands on my second Fit Snack Box so I had to bring you a brief, yet detailed (does that make sense… I think it does) over view, unboxing and review of my June Fit Snack Box. To see my previous review on my April box you can click here!

OVERVIEW: FitSnack is a subscription box service that hand picks great tasting, healthy foods and delivers them to your door step on a monthly basis. So I figure why not kick off my unboxing series this month with a subscription box that is helping me reach my fitness goals!!!

FitSnack takes into consideration everyone’s different monetary limits and has various plans with different pricing. The basic one month subscription box cost is 15 dollars a month plus shipping & handling. For 15 bucks a month you can have a box filled (and I do mean FILLED) with healthy snacks that can help get you back on track to meeting your TNT Summer Ready goals! The box certainly pays for itself and then some when you evaluate the cost of these products individually vs. the total cost of the box.




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FINAL THOUGHTS: This month’s box was interesting and met my quota of price vs retail value of goodies in the actual box. Each month FitSnack also includes a workout with the information card and this work out was by far the most challenging and my favorite. However I did have some issues with this month’s box as well. This box only came with one true full size product (two if you count the Apricot Raw bars), and I wasn’t a major fan of the variety this month. I will say that this box was a major hit with my friends and family which leads me to believe that I just may be too picky and not open to trying as many new things as I thought. I am excited to try the Wonder Grain product as I was most confused and intrigued when I saw it. If you want to get your hands on your own Fit Snack box you can do so by clicking here. Trials N Tresses readers also get a great workout tote for free!! Happy Snacking!

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