FTC: This box was sent to me complimentary for review & includes affiliate coupon codes. My opinions and thoughts are my own

I’m a huge fan of supporting black owned businesses and always try to make sure that some of my monthly spending goes towards a black owned business. Sometimes however it can be difficult keeping track of what is a black owned business or where to go to find new black owned businesses. That is why I have a bit of a soft spot (more than a soft spot actually) for Kolour Conscious. They are a subscription box I hold near and dear to my heart because they only include black owned businesses in their box. They curate 4-6 samples monthly from different brands in regards to hair care, skin care, and beauty.

The best thing is that most tor the time (90 percent of the time) are natural, or organic alternatives to the regular brands we currently use now. I am on a mission to go 100% natural in my everyday life not just my hair care regimen. So finding natural lotions, toothpastes, deodorants… etc that are black owned is the icing on the cake.

Here is my Kolour Conscious January Subscription Box review. Take a look at the goodies in my box and my final overall thoughts. (coupon code: TANDT25 for 25% off)

Kolour Conscious January Subscription Box review

Kolour Conscious January Subscription Box Review

The Root Organics “Herb & Honey” Hair Mask



 Kayorcee Creations Moisture Set IMG_1019 IMG_1016


Mature & Kinky Shea Butter Cream   IMG_1035 IMG_1029

AJN Enterprise- Inspirational Love Bracelet IMG_1039

Final Thoughts: This is definitely my second favorite box out of the three Kolour Conscious boxes I’ve tried. Only second place because the first box I received had an amazing sugar scrub from Kayorcee Creations that I just fell completely in love with, as well as a tea that was so delicious. This box was pretty awesome and was definitely focused mostly on skin care. With a total of 5 sample sized products (4 if you count the Kayorcee set as one) this box leaves your skin soft and you wanting more for sure. I’m already planning on purchasing the moisture set in addition to the scrubs as well. Overall I rate this box a 4/5. I would have liked to see more variety in the box like from the first that included a satin bonnet, tea, scrub …etc. However I know that each month can not be the same and no one wants repeat products or brands. I highly recommend the Kolour Conscious box to be purchased for yourself or as a gift for a friend. It is money well spent and plus using code TANDT25 gets you 25% off! What more can you ask for!


What do you look for in a subscription box? Share your thoughts with us below. IF you are looking into more subscription box ideas check out our subscription box series here.