OVERVIEW: Kolour Conscious is one of my new favorite subscription boxes for several reasons. They are very different from many of the beauty boxes out right now because they have one specific particular focus that I can totally get on board with. They provide a platform for businesses of color to be shared with the masses. Kolour Conscious partners with businesses that are owned and operated by people of color to bring their audience high quality products and services. When you invest in your Kolour Conscious box what you are really investing in is spreading diversity, awareness, and supporting local community business. You create a profile on their site when you sign up and from there they send you a box of goodies that match your interests. The box costs 35.00 and comes with 4-6 samples (these samples were huge by the way… but I’ll get to that). If you subscript for the 12 month plan the boxes end up coming to about 25.00 saving you 10 bucks!

Kolour Conscious Subscription Box Review & Giveaway


WHATS IN MY BOX: This box came jam packed and was so full it was pushing against the lid… which always makes me happy when unboxing a new subscription box. The box starts out with an informational “What’s Inside” card that details the products you’ve received. The theme of this box was to “help promote your health this summer” and I for one am thankful that the CEO decided to consciously pack this box with goodies that would help with mind body and soul! Let’s dive in!!



After I  checked out my overview of the box I dove into the goodies and figured out a plan when I’d be using them to give a full honest/detailed review.

Kayorcee Creations- Sugar Body Polish

 DSCN4256 DSCN4258

I received the Cranberry Pomegranate sugar body scrub (she has four other “flavored scrubs”) and I instantly fell in love with the smell once I opened it up. I was used to using coffee scrubs, and recently started using a Lavendar Salt Scrub from Trader Joes so I was intrigued and interested greatly but the thought of adding a “sugar” scrub to my skin care regimen. Especially one that smells so deliciously amazing! I tried this scrub two times prior to writing this review and it IS ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE! Let me tell you my skin, my nose, and my family are all grateful for this product. It had the bathroom smelling like heaven and my skin was just so smooth after I rinsed it off. This is definitely a product I will be purchasing once I run out and I’m glad Kolour Conscious decided to include it in this month’s box as I wasn’t even aware that this brand existed.


Good Thoughts Tea Company- “Sweeter The Berry” Tea Blend


I’ve never been a big tea drinker but since I’ve started on my mission to a happier healthier version of myself as well as balancing my hormone naturally I’ve been giving tea
more and more love lately. This tea blend from Good Thoughts Tea Company contains an interesting mixture of tea leaves: blackberry leaves, stevia, and cherry bark. It is naturally sweet due to the stevia so you don’t need to add in any extra sugar (not that I use sugar in my tea anyway).  I haven’t seen this blend on the company’s website but they do have an interesting mixture of tea leaves that I may look into.

D’ion Frances Cosmetics Nail Polish

I love love love nail polish (I’ve got the wall organizer to prove it) and lately I’ve been looking into safer/healthier choices for nail polish colors so I was excited to get this pretty shade of pink (one of my fave nail colors) and see that it is free of all of the terrible toxins that most nail polish bottles contain. All of the nail polish colors from this company are “Five Free” and they come in the cutest/brightest shades that are perfect for summer time wear!

Glory Covers- Reversible Satin Bonnet

 DSCN4270 DSCN4271


I’ve been looking for a good large satin bonnet lately to fit over my protective styles so they can be protected and last longer. This came right in the knick of time! It does look a little funny but that’s what you should expect with any satin bonnet pretty much. It’s not for fashion its to protect the tresses!! And it does just that!



FINAL THOUGHTS: My final thoughts on this box are it is a definite solid 4/5. I think because it is a new box it does have some room to grow but it is certainly on the right track. They state that they send you 4-6 sample products but all four of these “samples” seemed like full fledged full size products to me. Thus reaching my golden rule for subscription boxes that the quality inside the box is worth way more than the actual payment for the box. What I like the most is all of of these products are re-usable. They aren’t just one time uses or a few time uses you can use them for quite some time. So… not only do I think you should give Kolour Conscious a shot I’m also giving you an opportunity to win one yourself! The rules are simple


1. Follow @KolourConscious & @TrialsNTresses on IG

2. Tag a friend in the comment section of the prize post that you think would like to enter.

Giveaway runs July 7th- July 14th (only one entry per person!) good Luck!!!

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