FTC: I received this box from Love Goodly for review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.  

I’m currently slowly transitioning into a pure Vegan lifestyle. I’ve already jumped into the “food” party which believe it or not has been the easiest part. Slowly transitioning my skin, hair and beauty products into Vegan friendly alternatives is a bit trickier than I anticipated. Things I never even thought would need to be altered most certainly do. So I’ve decided to start  slowly by changing the things I use on a daily consistent basis once they need to be replenished.

I started looking into various avenues to help with this transition that wouldn’t cost a fortune (as a teacher I don’t have a million bucks to spend). I found Love Goodly which is a subscription beauty box that offers full size products that are all Vegan friendly.


What’s the Deal With Love Goodly?

Love Goodly is a bi-monthly beauty box that offers premium FULL size products (I get kind of sick of sample size products coming in subscription boxes). Each box comes with 5-7 products cruelty free, non toxic and valued over 75.00. The box costs 39.95 a month (remember it is a bi monthly charge) and the more you purchase the less it will be. A 6 month subscription (3 boxes) costs 99.00 and a 12 month subscription costs 190.00. Plus if you use our coupon code: LOVETRESSES you get 5 off a bi-monthly subscription !


Each box is curated with non toxic beauty products, skin care products, healthy snacks, and eco/wellness accessories/ products. Best of all 5% of each purchase goes to a cause. The two causes they support the most is Cure Cervical Cancer and Farm Sanctuary. And if you fall in love with one of the products in the box you can shop for it individually from their website as well.

I got lucky to get my hands on their February/March box right in time for my Vegan transition. Let’s check out what is inside of my Love Goodly box.

love goodly vegan subscription box

What’s Inside My Love Goodly Vegan Subscription Box?

love goodly vegan subscription box

Cellar Door Tahitian Grapefruit Vanilla Travel Tin (10.00)- Exclusively for Love Goodly

love goodly vegan subscription box

love goodly vegan subscription box

LVX x Love Goodly “True LOVE Red” (18.00) Exclusively for Love Goodly 

love goodly vegan subscription box   

SkinnySkinny Basil & Mint Soap (12.00) 

love goodly vegan subscription box

Purely Elizabeth “Apple Currant Muesil” (6.00)

love goodly vegan subscription box  

May Yeung Infinity Bracelet (40.00) Exclusive for Love Goodly 

love goodly vegan subscription box    love goodly vegan subscription box  

Overall Thoughts: So I didn’t know what to expect initially when I heard a “vegan” or “vegan friendly” box. To be clear all of the products are not always Vegan but they are always cruelty free, and that matters to me a lot. Overall I received 5 full size products that valued the box at 86.00. I was pleased with the variety of products I received in the box and I’ve having a huge love affair with the SkinnySkinny Basil & Mint soap (it just smells so good). The “True LOVE Red” nail polish is a nice touch as I’m addicted to nail polish as well. I’ve also greatly enjoyed the Apple currant Muesli that I’ve been eating just like cereal in the morning with my almond milk. The only thing I wasn’t too thrilled with was the Infinity Bracelet. I think it is a cute simple bracelet that you can wear on a daily basis or on special occasions. I have a great affinity for the Infinity symbol (I have it tattooed on me), but don’t think it should really be valued at 40.00. This isn’t something that I would pay more than 5-10 dollars for. My overall feeling for the box is still amazing. It was a great first experience for my first time with any curated Vegan assortment of skin care and beauty products. I rate this box a 4.5/5 and definitely recommend it, even if you are not vegan. You can even use our special code: LOVETRESSES to get a 5 dollar discount on your bi monthly subscription at LoveGoodly.

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