FTC: This box was sent to me for review. My thoughts and opinions are my own 

Still riding high on our awesome list of 125 black female entrepreneurs many of the lovely ladies on the list are also in the March Kolour Conscious Subscription box! So that is already a definite plus.

Overview: Kolour Conscious is a subscription box that curates beauty, skin care, and accessories from brands that are black owned. Every month for the most part it is a batch of new brands that I have never heard of before and get a chance to spread awareness and learn about them myself. The box usually comes with 4-6 sample products (usually deluxe samples) and costs 35.00 for a one month subscription, 25.00 for a 12 month subscription and 30.00 a month for a three month subscription. Whatever your choice you can use coupon code: TANDT25 to get 25% off at time of checkout.

March Kolour Conscious Subscription Box Review

Beija Flor Naturals Concept 47 “Creme Brule” (sample size)


Native Body Natural Deodorant (Sample Size)IMG_1818

Aunt Funky’s Closet “Resin” Necklace (full size)IMG_1826

Byootieful Hueman Art Piece (full size)


Final thoughts:  I was interested to see a natural deodorant that I hadn’t heard of before during my quest to find a replacement for my store bought deodorant. (if you haven’t seen my extensive list here’s 11 natural deodorants to help stop the stink). The only set back to the Native Body natural deodorant is because it was a sample size, it didn’t come in a tube for easy application. So using this was a bit messy/strange for me. Kolour Conscious always sends me something new for my hair and this month they did not disappoint. The Creme Brule hair styler smells absolutely delicious, and would have been my favorite product in the box had it not been for this bomb artistic piece from Byootieful Hueman. I was scoping this piece out for a few months ever since the announcement that she would be in the March box. And boom.. my favorite piece just so happened to be the one shipped out! Take a look at it! That alone makes this month’s box epic! I rate this box a 4/5 only because of the messy deodorant application. It is totally worth the monthly charge plus you get a nice discount (25% off) when you use code TANDT25 at checkout!

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