FTC: This box was sent to me for review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Overview: Kolour Conscious is a subscription box that curates beauty, skin care, and accessories from brands that are black owned. Every month for the most part it you receive a batch of new brands that you may or may not have  heard of before. The Kolour Conscious box helps smaller brands and black owned brands get a chance to spread awareness about the vast majority of awesome products they sell.  The box usually comes with 4-6 sample products (usually deluxe samples) and costs 35.00 for a one month subscription, 25.00 for a 12 month subscription and 30.00 a month for a three month subscription. Whatever your choice you can use coupon code: TANDT25 to get 25% off at time of checkout.

Let’s dive into what came in my May Kolour Conscious Subscription Box!

May Kolour Conscious Subscription Box Review


Skinfolk Essential Coconut Clay Deodorant


Body Essence “Lemon Coconut” Body Moisturizer

IMG_9529 IMG_9505

Luv Cosmetics Organic Lip Gloss “Carib Princess” and Kissy Face Eye Shadow

IMG_9507 IMG_9509

French Lavender Body Scrub


Final Thoughts:  This month’s Kolour Conscious Subscription box came with 5 products (6 if you count the lip gloss and eye shadow from Luv Mineral Cosmetics as separates). There was only one full size product in this box (the Luv Mineral Cosmetics Lipgloss) and four sample/deluxe sample products. The box kept up with its mission to introduce new brands that I am not too familiar with. My biggest critique of this month’s box is it did not come with a card as it usually does to label/identify what the products were or who was the creator. Some of the products’ labels were hard to read so I wasn’t too sure where they came from or how the product was to be used. I think the packaging this month fell by the waist side a bit. Other than that I was excited to have a new body scrub to try out especially since Summer Time is coming and we all want flawless glowing skin. I  was also pleased to see a natural deodorant make the cut into the box this month. I did receive a natural deodorant in the March box as well but this one smelled better, lasted longer, and was much easier to apply. Overall I give this month’s box a 3/5 for effort and diversity in products. You can get your hands on a Kolour Conscious box here and a 25% discount using code: TANDT25

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