My October Fitsnack came in a few days ago and I was super excited to see the surprises inside. My last Fitsnack box from September, didn’t impress me much. So I really wanted to be excited and love what was coming in my next box. So let’s dive into what exactly was inside this month’s box and my thoughts on the items.

October Fitsnack Subscription Box Review


What’s In My Box:

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IMG_0410 IMG_0403 IMG_0397 IMG_0404 IMG_0399

Final Thoughts:  

This box came with what I consider to be 1 full size product and six deluxe sized samples. Some of these products/brands I knew about/ received prior to this October box, and the others were brand new to me. I’m always a fan of good new protein source, so the “Fit & Lean Protein Brownie” was quite intriguing to me. It unfortunately completely let me down. The texture of the protein brownie was nothing like a brownie, and had a weird after tastse. That was a strike for me (thankfully the benefits of the box don’t always have to relate particularly to the flavors of what is inside). Fit box has continuosuly sent several different forms of protein in their monthly boxes, and this month was no different. What I previously liked in the boxes was the catering to women, but this ox missed the boat on that aspect. The “Tru Proteins Nutra Whey” was too much for me (I preferred Skinny Delights’ protein powder from my August box). Besides those particular misses it seems this box was all protein centered. I usually like the other aspects of health and fitness that are included but this box was heavy heavy heavy in protein from the “Trophy Farms Cashews”, “iPS Protein Chips” and “tosi Cashew Super bites”. My favorite part of the box was the “Amara 100% Raw Fruit Sports Drink”. It was a CoffeeBerry & Pomegranite flavor and it was delicious. Completely thirst quenching especially after a workout. Overall I rate this month’s box a 2.5/5 because of the lack of variety. However I stand behind Fitsnack being a great subscription box that offers great samples for people who want to try healthy snacks. If you are looking to give Fitsnack a try you can sign up here and get a free gym bag as well!! 

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