Next up on our Subscription series unboxing is the newly created/released Primp Sweat Shine box that adds a unique spin on beauty boxes and fitness.

OVERVIEW: Primp Sweat Shine aims to blend the world of beauty an health. They stand behind the theory that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in order to live a a healthy lifestyle. With my focus on fitness and a healthier lifestyle as of late I was intrigued greatly by the thought of colliding beauty and fitness products together in one box. (I may not know much about beauty but I’m certainly learning!!) The box comes on a monthly basis for 20.00 a month and incorporates a workout tank top with a funny/witty/catchy fitness phrase, and beauty/health products.


Skin Deep Natural Body Care Almond Souffle (15.00 retail full size)

I love this product. It was such a tiny sample I was so sad to finish it but it was so effective on my dry hands! Def a product I will look into purchasing. The thick almonds/shea butter mix also has a heavenly sent!!


Eye Make Up Corrector & Remover (5.99)                     L.A Colors Bold Eyes (3.99)

I’m not big on eye make up at all so both of these items I gifted. They are a nice little package to travel with if you are really big on eye make up.







Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter (5.00)

I love love love this lip butter!!! It isn’t really as tinted as I thought it was going to be which is a good thing. It really just serves as a moisturizer for me especially because my EOS egg just finished and I’m waiting on the next sale (but that’s neither here nor there!) This comes from a company that only includes 6 ingredients in their butters and lip balms. Sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, Alkanet root, and African marula. Hands down my favorite item in the box! (Just wish it wasn’t 5 bucks)


Fitness On Fleek Shirt (price unknown)

I’m not really sure how much this shirt is valued at but it is very cute/girly for a basic tee that you can work out in and not worry about really ruining. I’m not a fan of the word fleek… but  I get it and I’ve worn it a few times during various workouts.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Primp Sweat Shine is a new box that is still getting underway so I have yet to see what they will be offering in their next boxes as I think they may need to offer a bit more variety. I thought that the mixture of natural products (the lotion and lip balm) were balanced well with the beauty aspect (eye makeup) but the value in the box may be a bit off. At 20.00 dollars I value the items in the box at maybe 22-28 dollars total depending on what you value the tee shirt and sample size of the body butter. Overall I give this box a 3/5 since I didn’t find much use for the eye makeup. That is the beauty in subscription boxes they may be perfect for you or hit and miss but the fun is definitely in giving it a shot.

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