Happy EARTH day folks! Sapphire Soul is quite an interesting box that I recently ran into and I’m excited to share my thoughts on this box but more so interested in what you think about it, as it isn’t your regular typical run of the mill subscription box. This box focuses on helping provide you with easier ways for a happier balanced life.

They offer various products to fit your lifestyle needs and offer a sense of calmness and balance. Ranging from candles, essential oils, crystals, jewelry, tea…etc there is something in this box for everyone. What I like most about this company is they offer 5 different price points to fit your budget/needs. I find that sometimes subscription box options don’t meet the needs of their various consumers and tend to be more cookie cutter. With the 5 different options at various prices (ranging from $9.00/mos t0 $52.00/mos) you have more say so in what you get and how much you spend. Each month is also themed (I received the #MyTribe box) to make it a bit more interesting/fun.

As a person who is constantly in a search for balance and calmness in my hectic chaotic life, when I received this box I dived in with out hesitation. So let’s do the same. Take a look at what came in my box below!



This box is cutely packaged in a recycled box, and has a quote card offering inspiration from the start. “Love rewards the brave” ! This is what Sapphire box labels as their #truthcard which I think is awesome! There is also a quote right at the top of the box which was a pleasant thing to see as I ripped the box open!


I received 8 items in my box.

Soulistic Life Metalic Tattoo (no price)

This was a cute little blast from the past with fake tattoos you’d apply with water. These are coming back in  a major way with celebrities wearing fake tattoo/jewelery so that was cute to see added to the mix of other products.


White Sage Smudge Stick ($4.00)

Used to smudge out old energy and bring in new positive energy into your living quarters. You burn this stick and it helps clear away mental and emotional clutter.


Philly Loves Lacquer ($12.00)

This was a pleasant surprise as I don’t always think about my nails when I think about holistic balance but I do my nails weekly so it is subconsciously a major part of my life. Thanks for pointing that out Sapphire box! They sent this Philly Loves lacquer nail polish which is an artisan polish made in Philly that is 5 free (no icky stuff that is not good for you in the polish.



Pendulum (couldn’t find price)

I’ve never had experience with a pendulum before.. and still don’t. This was an interesting piece that I’m currently trying to turn into a piece of jewelry some way. I’m not sure if I’ll be using it for its pendulum purposes (kind of like a Ouija board) but it is a beautiful stone.


Harmony Candle (3.00)

This candle smells really good and is very light so won’t be overbearing (especially for those of us suffering with allergies this season… sigh… including me!) This candle is made with essential oils and is said to reiki healing.

Amethyst Cluster (13.00):

Amethyst is claimed to release a positive aura around you and boost self esteem. It is also related to your 7th chakra and is thought to be one of the best healing stones. (especially for headaches and migraines) Which is why this bad boy is currently sitting on my desk at work!




Stash Lavendar Tulsi Herbal Tea (3.99)

You can get a box of these for 3.99 at your local drug store. I’m not a huge fan of tea… I’m learning to love it in small doses so sending one pack along was greatly appreciated instead of an overhaul of tea! And yes tea does a body good so again right on target with the mission of their box.


#teamAngela, We Heal Together Bracelet (37.00)

I love love love this bracelet and it makes me love it even more that it was created in love and is helping to support a woman who is battling AML. The stones are beautiful as well as the amethyst, but its the Hamsa that I’ve fallen in love with. 14.00 dollars of the purchase of this bracelet go towards helping this young lady with her medical bills. And you can’t walk away from a good deed that comes along with such a beautiful piece of jewelry. These bracelets can be purchased separately here!


FINAL THOUGHTS: I rate this box a 4/5 because I just really really really love that bracelet. I am a sucker for a beautiful piece of jewelry especially with one of my favorite symbols= the hamsa! Other than that I think it does offer a great variety of items that fit the value of the box. You can even purchase these items separately in their online store so you don’t have to necessarily invest in the box in itself. The  It may not be for everyone, especially if you are not at the point of truly believing in holistic balancing involving things like crystals or pendulums. But for those willing to give that lifestyle a try or peek into balancing your chaotic life in a new manner this may be the route you may want to take.

If you are interested in learning more about various subscription boxes we’ve got you covered head here to find out more about different subscription box varieties!

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*disclaimer: I received this box for review purposes and it does not change/alter or affect my honest opinion*