OVERVIEW: Send Me Gluten Free is a subscription box that focuses on… you guessed it gluten free products/foods. A regular month to month subscription costs 20.00 bucks plus 5.00 shipping and handling. The longer your subscription runs for the cheaper it ends up being (12 month subscription equals 14.95 + 5.00 s/h). Each month you get a box filled with 8-10 products to sample and you receive coupon codes for reviewing the products on the Send Me Gluten Free website. Send Me Gluten free differs a bit from other gluten free boxes as they cater to the holistic gluten free lifestyle so you don’t just receive food, but also household products, supplements, and personal care items. Let’s dive in to my Send Me Gluten Free box and see what I got.



Toufayan Gluten Free Scoop-able Pita Chips 

DSCN3924    Breton Gluten Free Crackers 



Earth Balance Natural Peanut Butter


Sauce Goddess Seasoning


Slender Sticks Lemonade Powder


Smarty Pants Supplements


Bare Belly Organic Sunscreen


Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie
 Luna Minis 

FINAL THOUGHTS: I like the overall thought process of the brand and the box. Gluten free has become a really popular catch phrase.  When you are actually considering going gluten free as I am it is nice to have so many options out there like Gluten Free Box that offer you a plethora of products. Unforutnately many of these products didn’t tickle my fancy and I ended up gifting many of the contents in the box. I like the variation of products that were offered. The box came with 9 products (2 full size) and out of the 9 I was really only a big fan of 2. Subscription boxes can be hit or miss and for me this one was a miss. However that shouldn’t deter you from giving it a shot if you are a bit more open minded than I am, and really looking to giving a gluten free lifestyle a shot.

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