OVERVIEW: The Snack Nation box is a snack box that has been created with the hard worker in mind. This snack box is a BIG BIG BIG box that is filled with healthy snacks that can be shared during those hard days at work. It takes the guilt out of snacking when you are at work because they are all healthier options than the regular bag of chips or candy that we’d usually get our hands on. It is a monthly delivery service that fits the needs of different budgets as well as different needs of your company. What I like is it doesn’t have to just be a company snack fest, you can order independent boxes for just yourself or your home (which is what I got). They also have a philanthropy aspect to their brand in which they deliver multi nutrient packs on a monthly purpose to malnourished children for every snack box that is delivered.



WHATS IN MY BOX: I was so shocked at the size of this box when I saw it at my door step and I was even more shocked at the amount of snacks in the independent box. Then to my surprise there were actually a lot of snacks that I was looking forward to trying. It was a nice array of different types of snacks and flavors that could certainly give you a “pick me up” during a long work day. Here’s a quick peek at what exactly was inside of my Snack Nation Snack Box.






















FINAL THOUGHTS: I got 16 snacks in this box for what would cost about 35.00 bucks a month. They have boxes for companies that range from 1 person all the way up to 500 people so there is a diverse amount of snacks and pricing that you can choose from. This individual box was more than I expected and I really enjoyed diving into these snacks (some I was familiar with and others that were completely new to me) Out of this box I ate/enjoyed 11 out of the 16 snacks and gifted the remaining 5. This box brings healthy affordable snacks to your door step at a reasonable price. And it can be tailored to your audience’s needs/likes. I rate this box a definite 5/5. It’s one of the boxes that I’ve enjoyed the most, has a stellar variety that I really enjoyed snacking on during the week at work, and provides this all at a decent reasonable price. Healthy snacks can get expensive if you are buying them at retail (trust me I know) so you are getting a pretty good deal to taste/try these new awesome snacks without out loads of guilt.

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*Disclaimer: I received this box for review purposes and this in no way alters or changes my honest opinion*