If you missed my first rant and review on Taste Guru’s Gluten free box you can check it out here! In this original review I discuss how Taste Guru is pretty much my all time favorite food subscription box for several reasons. To avoid repetition I’ll just hit on the few important bullet points:

  • Taste Guru is completely 100 percent Gluten Free and I am currently on a journey (a very very very difficult one) to give up all things that contain gluten in them! So this box is really helping me reach that goal.
  • You get 7-10 food options (ranging from full size to sample size) for 18.00 bucks a month (14 bucks a month if you take a one year subscription)
  • TNT Subscribers/audience get a free tote with any subscription !! (perfect to go grocery shopping) (no link needed just click here!)

Let’s jump right into what I received in my May box and what my thoughts were!


WHATS IN MY BOX: As usual the box was stuffed to capacity with gluten free goodies. The information card lays out the details of the products you receive.


Namaste Pizza Crust Mix   (4.89)


Modern Table Meal Kit (7.99)


Zouq Foods Curry Crunch Snack


Bio Coffee Coffee Satchet


Matt’s Munchies Fruit Snacks


Gluten Free Bar Nutrition Bar


Tree Hugger Gum


Taste Guru Review

FINAL THOUGHTS: I give this box a 4/5 because I was so so so in love with that Gluten Free Pizza crust before I even tasted it. When I gave up sugar I was playing around with several pizza crusts and this couldn’t have come at a better time. I was also really pleased with the variety of products from the Tree Hugger Gum, to the modern table meal kit that I was actually able to prepare and share with my entire family. This box was on the lighter side compared to my April box (7 products vs. the 10 I originally received last month) but it was filled with more products that I could actually use and feel guilt free about (those Gluten free brownies were delicious but were filled with sugar). This box came with 2 full size products (or you can say three if you count the gum as full sized) that I actuall enjoyed more than last month. So overall this box was a win for me in its usefulness and value of products to the price of the box.  The two full size products alone come close to the actual price of the box, plus the extra sample goodies make it worth the price. To get your hands on a Taste Guru box and a free tote click here and get started on your gluten free life.

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*disclaimer: I received this box for review and does not change my personal thoughts and opinions*