I’ve been trying to figure out how to get rid of … or decrease the presence of these dark circles that have been creeping onto my face over the past few months. I tried the cucumber thing a few times but realized I didn’t have the luxury of lying down for 10-15 minutes a day with cucumbers over my eyes. I then tried Almond Oil which worked slightly but wasn’t giving me the results I wanted to see. And lo and behold I find To Go Spa which specializes in “Eyes”. But before I give too many details lets get into an overview of just what To Go Spa is about.

OVERVIEW: ToGoSpa is offering a subscription box called the “ToGoSpa Society” that comes with 15 pairs of “Eyes” which with replenishing and rejuvenating properties that help alleviate the tired, puffy, dark circle look we get under eyes when we don’t get enough rest or have had a long night.  The box also comes with a “benefit” product which is a full size item either from the “To Go Spa” line or a another line that fits the bill to be included. Depending on what you want they offer different value/amounts for different prices. The basic subscription box with 5 “Eyes” packets costs 40.00 a month. If you opt to receive more packets, or include the face mask it will cost a bit more. But before I get into that let’s dive into what came in the box and how I used it.



I was sent 15 “Eyes” Packets in various “flavors” each containing a different main ingredient. They sent the “Green Tea”, “Ice Water” and “Coconut” each focused on improving a different aspect under your eye. These packets retail from 12.50 each (1-4) and the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. These packets are extremely refreshing (I keep mine in the refrigerator) and are said to hydrate, moisturize, sooth, and nourish. While I find all this to be true the effects aren’t lasting (which is understandable and expected) so you will have to do the process a few times a week to have great results. They also slide down from time to time, but I found that if I used them during my face mask time they stayed put. I share my progress results below after using the “Eyes” packets a few times a week.

  The box also consisted of an entire To Go Spa face mask (35.00 for a pack of 3) I haven’t tried this mask just yet (I’m saving it for a super stressful time … which will be soon)



and the “Benefit” product was Boss Babe Body “Wild Lime Coconut” (retail 20.00)

I love love love love this product! This is my absolute favorite product I’ve received in a box for the body. I’ve been dying to buy or make a coffee scrub for my skin especially to battle my bacne issues, but I just never got around to it. Boss Babe body is boss and I’ll be bringing a full review on it at a later date with the results!



FINAL THOUGHTS: If you are interested in these products I definitely recommend signing up for the subscription box instead of buying them a la carte. This box came with over 100.00 dollars worth of product for only 65 a month. You can go for a cheaper box (without the face mask) that would cost you 40.00 dollars a month. I rate this box a 5/5  (my first time woohoo!) because they sent me products that were practical yet I would never think I needed/wanted until I got them. Now I’m figuring out how to add not only this box but my obsession with the Boss Babe body scrub into my monthly budget! You can get your hands on a ToGoSpa Subscription Box here!

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